• Christophe Remillet, Chief Executive Officer & Product Manager, OneVisage
    Cyber Security

    OneVisage: Taking Biometric Security to the next level

    With the need for stronger cybersecurity growing by the day, it is quite clear that passwords are on their way to getting phased out. There is clearly a need to provide safer and simpler solutions to verify if the person trying to gain access is really you. What is interesting to note here is, there are three different types of authentication – verifying what you know (password or pin code solutions), what you have (security tokens), and who you really are (biometric solutions). OneVisage delivers two authentication factors (2FA) solutions based on what you have – your own mobile device – and who you are – your face in 3D to…

  • Press Release

    OneVisage® to present 3D camera support and 3D facial authentication on iOS, Android and Windows platforms at Finovate Fall 2017

    OneVisage, the Swiss-based 3D facial authentication solution leader, is first to propose a comprehensive 3D facial authentication solution portfolio for mobile and desktop platforms, supporting both RGB and 3D/depth cameras. OneVisage is well poised to offer bank-grade 3D facial authentication solutions running with the new generation of smartphones, tablets and laptops that will integrate 3D/depth front cameras. Lausanne, Switzerland, 7th September 2017: OneVisage SA, the award-winning and leading 3D facial authentication company today announces the stable releases of 3DAuth SDK for iOS and Android platforms that will be unveiled at Finovate Fall 2017 event in New York on September 11-14. The company will showcase a first version of its 3D…