• Julien Delvat, Principal Consultant S/4HANA, Bluefin Solutions

    Is SAP’s next-generation ERP ready for prime time?

    By Julien Delvat, Principal Consultant SAP S4HANA, Bluefin Solutions. All CIOs face the same key decision: when is the right time to invest in enterprise technology? Too early, and the project might suffer from buggy or missing functions, holes in integration, and “undocumented” features. Too late, and the organization will lose the all important competitive advantage from the upgraded system. In the Entreprise Resource Planning (ERP) world, organizations tend to rely on incremental improvements rather than major implementations. The SAP ecosystem is no stranger to this situation. However, this strategy is no longer applicable due to the recent introduction of S/4HANA, the software giant’s innovative ERP. By 2025, organizations relying on older…