• Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Managing Director & Co-CEO, BPM-D, LLC

    Digitalization Journey – The BPM-Discipline as Guide to Value

    Opportunities and Threats of the Digital World Digitalization has become a key topic in almost every organization. According to a recent study 74% of companies have decided to take the digitalization journey – and the others will be forced to do so or disappear [1]. The integration of physical products, people, and processes based on the “internet of everything” paves the way to disruptive innovation and new business models. A company can produce for example sports shoes based on the individual requirements of a specific client leveraging transponders fixed to the shoe. The shoe “communicates” to the different machines to trigger the appropriate production activities. This “mass-individualization” gives the organization…

  • Valerie Howard, Senior Industry Solutions Manager, PROS, Inc.
    Big Data

    Transforming Big Data into Big Value in the New World of Modern Commerce

    By Valerie Howard, Senior Industry Solutions Manager, PROS, Inc. Big Data is one of the most buzzed about words in business. Marketers use data to learn customer preferences. NASA uses Big Data to visualize space missions. Politicians use data to predict the outcome of elections. Insurers leverage data science to calculate risk. The examples are endless. Despite the proliferation of technology and our access to data, the question comes down to this: Are organizations leveraging this valuable asset where it matters most – boosting the bottom line? Surprisingly, the answer is pretty straightforward – not as much as they could be. In this age of Big Data, analytics are a…