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    Predikly: Enabling RPA and AI-ML Powered Data Solutions

    Here we are in conversation with Sunil S Ranka – Founder CEO of Predikly a Silicon Valley-based company specializing in AI-ML enables Analytics, RPA and cloud application. 1. Tell us everything about your startup, what does it do? What were the challenges of setting up and scale? How did you overcome them? As per Gartner, 65% Of the Out Of the Box and implementation of Pre-built Analytics Projects Fail. Every Business is different, hence a packaged Solution and Pre-built Analytics cannot give business a competitive edge. Therefore, Custom Cloud and Analytics solutions are needed to outweigh the competition and improve the business outcome. Predikly is a Data Innovation Company &…

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    Currently, Educational institutions continuously face challenges with their legacy IT infrastructure. New trends such as online learning, educational portals, state-wide testing, BYOD, virtualization, learning applications and instructional videos have helped towards creating new models of teaching and learning. The IT infrastructure of educational institutions needs to be more adaptable than ever to adapt under tighter budgets and with limited IT resources while simultaneously adhering to standards. Nutanix helps educational institutions by making cloud infrastructure invisible and elevating education IT to focus on the applications and services that matter. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software converges private, public and distributed clouds, bringing one-click simplicity to infrastructure and application management. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud…

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    In the last forty years, undergraduate enrolment in the United States has more than doubled, while the completion rate has remained unchanged. Students have been taking too much time, been taking too many credits, and have been spending too much money. EduNav Campus has made significant progress in giving students access to education – but getting them to achieve a degree is still a distant goal. The breadth and depth of data at colleges and universities is significant. The challenge is not lack of inputs but building the right educational plans to maximize success—and keeping those plans current—no matter how complex or variable the inputs. What is the fastest route…

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    The use of educational technology in the classroom continues to increase, with a new report showing that school “spending on adaptive learning technology products topped $41 million in each of the last two years – and it has tripled since 2013,” according to EdWeek Market Brief. The investment and implementation of EdTech, especially adaptive learning programs, will almost certainly continue to grow in the future as well. Chief Executive Officer Richard Collins and seven colleagues launched Istation, the animated e-learning platform, in 1998 to help engage elementary and middle school students in math, reading, and Spanish while supporting teachers with assessment tools. Istation provides an immersive environment that inspires students…

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    In its initial years, Digital Alchemy (DA) had started off as an analytics company with a number of actuaries delivering solutions to specific business problems. Over time, the need to host client data increased, which led Digital Alchemy to expand its business into customer data hosting; for data-driven marketing purposes. With access to all customer data, offering campaign design and delivery services was inevitable and a logical pivot. This marked the company’s entry into the Marketing Automation space. The growth of Digital Alchemy did not stop there. They saw an opportunity to offer additional services, specifically in Marketing Strategy, which would ensure that they were capable of offering a complete…

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    According to a recently released Global Healthcare Technology report by Juniper Research, “Conversa is the type of company that, through their presence in the market and the kind of product they offer, has the potential to reshape the whole digital health sector. They are an AI company disrupting healthcare in a big way.” The “always-on / on-demand” nature of today’s communication methods completely differ from just a few years ago, and this shift has had a significant impact on consumer behavior. Consumers demand convenient and more immediate access to information, and this behavior paradigm shift has become a driving change in healthcare. As healthcare’s conversation platform, Conversa improves how patients…

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    Education technology impacts across multiple touch-points. The spectrum spans from student decision-making and enrollment, to campus life and graduation. Traditionally, schools have been recruiting prospective students via road shows and campus events. If we just look at the last 10 years, there is definitely a technological revolution that has taken place perceived through massive adoption of social media and mobile phones. Ten years ago, Facebook had 50MM users; today it has 2 Billion. The same goes with smartphones: ten years ago, 14-18 year-olds’ penetration rate was less than 10%, where today it’s about 90%. Education technology platforms, like Swizly, are now being used in recruitment, and keeping students connected across…

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    LogNet Billing scores a double at IT World Awards

    LogNet Billing today announced that the company has won two awards at the recent IT World Awards event. For the first award, LogNet won in the category for the Best IT Solution for Utilities. LogNet was recognized with this award for its MaxBill system. LogNet describes MaxBill as a full featured customer management and billing solution. The company states that the system supports multiple service environments and includes features for rating, CRM, order management, billing, partner management and reconciliation. LogNet claims that service providers using MaxBill can offer attractive packages with automated service delivery, simplified customer support and transparent billing. For its utilities customers, LogNet provides MaxBill with a flexible…

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    Tesla Model X earns 5-star in NHSTA safety rating

    Tesla engineered Model X to be the most secure SUV ever, and today, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that in the wake of leading autonomous testing, it has granted Model X a 5-star wellbeing rating in each classification and sub-class, making it the first SUV ever to acquire the 5-star rating no matter how you look at it. Something beyond bringing about a 5-star rating, the information from NHTSA’s trying demonstrates that Model X has the most reduced chance of harm of any SUV it has ever tried. Actually, of the considerable number of autos NHTSA has ever tried, Model X’s overall chance of damage was second…

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    Driverless Car Project ‘mother of all AI projects’, Tim Cook

    Apple has revealed new insight into its top-secret driverless car mission, as CEO Tim Cook depicted the test of building self-governing vehicles as “the mother of all” man-made brainpower ventures. Cook said Apple was furrowing resources into developing innovation to control driverless vehicles, despite the fact that he declined to preclude the Silicon Valley firm building its own car sooner or later. Tim spoke as shares in his organization and different US tech firms went under compression this week in the midst of financial specialist worries that a part wide blast is losing steam. Cook endeavored to re-establish confidence in Apple’s capacity to strike out into new domain by giving…