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    Billions of people are connected these days by mobile phones, wearable devices and all manner of ‘app-cessories’. But among all this, one thing is sure to remain constant: the customer is at the heart of business success. Customer Experience Management (CEM) has been around far longer than people may imagine. Customer-centric organizations have used CEM approaches to varying degrees of success since long before dedicated technology was introduced. However, to do this well, you need time and resources, both of which have become increasingly precious as businesses have expanded. CEM solutions are designed to ‘take the strain’ when managing the complexities of the customer relationship, and go further and deeper…

  • Vasudeva Akula. Ph.D., Voziq, Head of Customer Analytics
    Customer Experience


    Customer Experience Management Solutions have a critical role in helping businesses change the way they engage with their customers and protect the customer value. This is evident by the fact that 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a better experience. In recent times, companies have also been seeking out CEM solutions that can deploy technologies that were only leveraged by mega enterprises like Google, Amazon, Facebook etc. This includes machine learning and unstructured data analytics such as text analytics to maximize the value of larger volumes of data they’ve been accumulating, but not using effectively. VOZIQ was founded in 2013 by a group of highly qualified professionals…